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norder is the abbreviation of “no order”.

In the beginning, there was chaos. It's from this primeval soup that scoops the magic potion for its creative and imaginative work. We discover surprises amongst trials and tribulations. No assignment – no rules – no order, these are fundamental requirements for free cultural activity. Are these adolescent slogans? Impossible – we're grown-ups, after all.

Who we are? We are headhunters searching for intelligent earthworms in the mud. We are bloodhounds, trained to go after potato salad. We are the guys who used to chill out in the fields, and who now stand in front of flip charts. In other words: a team of culturally interested folks who want to support other creatively active people by giving them a platform for what they do. Do you get me? No? – Then we're on the same map.

norder wants to discover uncharted territory, to catch fresh fish from the sea and to listen to Native American drumming. We're eager for exchange – social and cultural discourse. Far away from sipping your glass of bubbly and showing off big dicks. There's character and charm in the art of imperfection. Whether triggered by the heart or the soul – it's the result that matters. There's no need for a target audience in order to score big. The rhythm is off-beat. Diversity is on the agenda: robust, grounded artists and projects touch down in this zone. is a platform for free thinkers, restless seekers and organ donors. grants asylum to all those who cannot be pressed into a mould. This place is characterized by the intensity of these people: They are sharp, passionate, consistent, intimate. Nevertheless, the journey is its own reward – there is no place called home on this planet.

To be honest, no matter if you're a banker or a punk – nothing works without rules. That’s why we decided: we don't want to turn the whole creative market on its head just yet. We'll tackle the total revolution in our next life. A decent compromise, don't you think?

The norder team

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A film essay 78 min. (CH/D/USA)

This movie project is a poetic creation which is looking for consciousness of the here and now in decay and abyss. copy.paste.delete is a psychedelic view behind the visible world. copy.paste.delete is searching the personal confrontation between percipience and reality.

Website: copy‑paste‑

norder assists in the distribution as well as in the marketing of the movie.


Norder regularly organizes events.

On 10 and 11 November, the neuzeit.ruinen festival is happening in Zurich. The event highlights matters of life and death, transience and emergence.

Within 1000m² more than 30 artists show their view on the topic.

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